Tumblr blog and data analytics

Last weekend I decided to open a Tumblr account to broaden my presence on the Internet and get more into contact with people and interesting topics. I also started a blog there, although I am not yet sure how often I will be posting there and how that will effect this blog. I hope to be posting here each week as this far and might be using Tumblr more as an idea and information channel.

I actually on Tumblr as  I was looking for good courses on data mining and data science and found this blog from IE Business School. During the last year I have increasingly been confronted with problems and questions that require ever more extensive analysis of data. Additionally, the available data is often dispersed between multiple sources, contains duplicates and inconsistencies and so on. This is nothing new in itself, just my own tangible experience of the increased importance of big data, a trend that started already years ago and is now omnipresent.

Being quite proficient with MS Excel, I have developed for myself and our team at work some rudimentary tools for aggregating and visualizing data. However, I have acknowledged from the beginning that these tools, developed last year, are very basic and do not allow us to gain deeper insights when the data is scattered and requires extensive normalization before being usable. Additionally, building advanced statistical or other mathematical models that can be tested with the available data is still beyond my skill set. But our team, among many others, needs such skills, and I have great interest in understanding the world via models and rigorous analyses.

I am taking a better look into the depths of data analysis by getting familiar with data bases and their usage for Excel based analyses. I hope this EdX course gives me skills I can directly transfer to my everyday work and also provides me an indication of which areas of data analytics and data science specifically would interest me and provide a field for further studies.