Spring turning to summer

Last week the temperature climbed regularly over 20 degrees centigrade during the day and in the Sun. Daffodils, dandelions and apple trees are blooming, and the magnolia I have been following for the last two weeks has already passed the peak of its bloom. The nights are still cool here but during the day its warm and wonderful with the Sun shining, birds singing and trees and flowers decorating the view wherever one sets his eyes.

Since years now two swans are staying at the nearby lake, but this year they decided to build their nest not on an island at the lake, but on dry ground ashore. Needless to say, the birds are very stressed as people pass by on the sidewalk, only five meters away from the nest. Hopefully the birds make it through with brooding, since after the hatching they will anyway spend most of the time with their young in the water, farther away from people.

Below are pictures from last weekend of the magnolia and the swan brooding in its nest. The last picture is the Sun rising behind mountains. I tried to capture the beautiful light and impression of spring driving away the last bits of winter during my morning walk, but pictures taken with a mobile phone and against the light source to be quite bad, or at least I was not able to take a better one.



Spring in the fast lane

Last week I posted a few impressions on the progression of spring in the nature around my home town. Below are a few more pictures from last weekend. Especially  the second picture with the same magnolia from last week shows how much happens in just one week in spring; flowers that were last week just starting to blossom were already withering away.

The first picture below shows the same mountains as the picture in the previous post but here the peaks have hardly any snow left, although they were already pretty clean of snow the week before.

Beauty of nature

Just about a week ago, the first full week of May, I had a long weekend, during which I made some hikes to the nearby forests and hills. Below are some photographs from those trips, showing calm forest views and mighty mountain peaks glimmering in the sun. A big thank-you to my mother for her great company and for these great pictures.


First day of spring

Yesterday was, at least for me, the first day of spring. It was, about 20 degrees centigrade, birds were singing and it was a great day for doing some hiking: I spent nearly four hours outdoors, wandering in the forest. The nature is waking but the flora was still waiting to really start blooming. Hopefully the next weekend will already provide some more colorful landscapes to be admired and photographed, although I am lousy and lazy at taking pictures.

I remember writing in January that I was already feeling a bit springy then, but now the days are really getting warmer after a cooler period. The snow has also mostly melted even on the elevated areas, so the spring is definitely here.

Even if I did not take any photos in the wilds during the weekend, I managed to catch today a few nice pictures of a blooming magnolia when I was getting back from work. Actually I was surprised to see it and other tress and bushes in full bloom, as I just yesterday thought that the spring is now only starting but no, it’s already advancing quickly and taking long strides.







Nothing more to add this week, since I spent most of the weekend doing some administrative work for our sports club. The competition season is nearing, the first competitions will take place in mid-May, and I will be spending more and more time training. I still hope to be able to allocate enough time for the Yale course on Game Theory, it’s a really good course.

The spring is coming

In a previous blog post from two weeks ago I was happy about the winter having finally arrived to us. In the same post I mentioned the possibility of an early spring, meaning a very short winter. Although I am no expert on meteorology or weather forecasting on the short or long term, I have grown to appreciate how the seasons can start or end much earlier than one would normally expect. With short winter I was thinking anything between a few weeks until the end of February. This time it might be that the two week winter season is all we’ll be having around my neighborhood.

Already last week, in January, we had a couple of sunny days, reminding me of March. Today we had yet another sunny and relatively warm day. In the sun I was very comfortable, wearing only a thin wind stopper. After the sun had set it got cooler, but I for me that is also a characteristic of the first spring days and weeks. I am eager to see whether the spring already starts to advance or if it will for once more be overcome and delayed by the winter, even for a short while.