Doing the impossible daily

Two weeks ago, I posed my colleagues with the “Do the Impossible” –challenge, based on a LYL blog post. I first told my colleagues about LYL and explained the passionate work framework and the role of “doing the impossible” in it. The challenge is to do the personal impossible for one month, after which we will have a feedback session to discuss how the challenge went, how it felt and what we might have learnt from it

My colleagues were very keen on participating and after the first few days some already told me, how they got new spark for a project they had started earlier this year but had fallen out of their radar recently. For example, one colleague got new motivation to keep training for an upcoming half-marathon.

For myself I set the challenge of meditating five minutes each evening. Doing already a fair amount for sport very regularly, I decided that trying to balance that out with some relaxation would be beneficial. Meditating regularly is also a challenge for me, since cutting back on exercise and using more time for recovering is something I tend to omit. So far I am doing well, taking small steps and doing the impossible every day of the challenge. Announcing it here is also a good test of whether my colleagues are reading my blog or not.

I was very happy to give my colleagues an introduction on LYL, setting the challenge and seeing how LYL gets people excited, gets them try and do new things, impossible things. I also noticed how sharing my experiences and giving my knowledge forward is a central part of my calling, the work I am passionate about. Delivering this training was for me one step further in becoming a self-expert and doing passionate work.

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