Friends won’t forget

Yesterday I was at a friend’s housewarming party. Invited were a couple of dozen people. Many of the guests belonged to the same group that started studying industrial management at the university nearly ten years ago. When I entered the apartment with some friends, also from our class of industrial engineers, I was mildly amazed to see all the familiar faces. Having been abroad for so long I hadn’t kept contact with most of my friends at the university. Somehow I didn’t think that so many of them would be there, but apparently they have kept well in touch. Now I saw many of them for the first time in years, yet they had hardly changed at all: same young faces, each with their recognizable character and familiar voice.

Starting a discussion with each of my old study pals was easy, just as I hadn’t been away at all. The topics were various and centered around topics different than ten years ago, but the feeling was the same. I was happy to see them and they seemed glad to see me and hear the latest news. Those who weren’t yet aware of my starting studying physics congratulated me.

The evening was pleasant and I was happy to feel and also demonstrate from my side how camaraderie and friendships are hard to forget.

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